Student feedback on teaching and on units taught 2017 Sem 1

Here are some selected student comments taken from Curtin University’s student evaluation system in 2017:

INFO3009 2017 SP1

The most helpful aspect was Kathryn Greenhill herself, her knowledge and enthusiasm, and the great
organisation of the unit. It was helpful to have a graduated approach to the final assessment, and my

learning was useful in my practicum placement as I had to do some data clean-up. The opportunity to

have live chats was great, even though I was unable to attend due to work commitments, however I still

listened to recordings. Kathryn was very prompt in responses, and very supportive. Her no-nonsense

approach is appreciated, but this is tempered with good humour. Kathryn is a great lecturer.


INFO3008 2017 Sem 1


Kathryn has so much knowledge and enthusiasm and conveys this in her teaching. She is fantastically

organised, and responds promptly and fully to questions and problems. Her commitment to students

making it through the unit is obvious. Kathryn is supportive, no-nonsense, but fair, which at 3rd Year

level is exactly right. I was greatly helped in this unit, and it is one of the more enjoyable ones, even

though I had hoped to get a better overall mark – my fault, not reflective of the teaching. I enjoyed

learning with Kathryn.It is a very practical unit – we need more of them!


INFO1000 2017 Sem 1


Teacher feedback was fantastic, I really appreciated that Kathryn was so easy to contact if you needed

help. I did find the unit a little confusing and overwhelming at times. Once I read through through the

material, I did get an idea where to go.


INFO5007 2017 Sem 1


I’ve done a number of online units before, and this is the best by a wide margin. The site format for the

modules and assessments information was excellent, and it would be great if other units adopted this

too. I also liked how the assessments were timed out, particularly having a number of goal deadlines

within assessment 3. The live chats helped to make me feel engaged as an online student, and the

thorough and enthusiastic updates given by the lecturer were great too.


Kathryn genuinely wants us to do well and provided all the information we could possibly need to do

well. Having all the resources available early was very useful.


I enrolled in this subject in 2015 but withdrew due to other commitments. Since then, Kathryn Greenhill

has substantially re-written the unit, with clear learning outcomes, relevant exercises, well-paced, great

notes, and removal of the group assignment a great improvement (I live in Victoria, and work and study,

and the time difference makes group assignments very difficult). Feedback was thorough, and I could

easily see where I could improve. The collaborate sessions are more useful than recorded lectures used in

other units which often don’t add value to lecture notes.


I found the videos made by Kathryn very helpful i.e. how to cite references in media and the video on

what is expected in scholarly writing. This is one unit that I never felt overly confused about anything as I

personally found that Kathryn had uploaded all material required. I enjoyed the small videos in the topic

notes such as the 5 minute videos explaining a concept made by other people as it provided a break from

the reading and also explained the concept in a different way to the readings, helping me to get more of

an understanding.


I found the unit was conducted with incredible efficiency and professionalism. The subject was

interesting, but in a way intimidating, which was mainly due to only knowing the basics of information

technology when I started. I can honestly say that it was only due to the way the unit was run that I was

able to learn as much as I did.


Kathryn was exceptionally easy to talk to within the collaborate sessions and also extremely helpful

whenever I had an issue or problem. The structure of the unit was perfectly done and she was always

contactable should something not be understood or need clarification. The videos showing how to

perform certain tasks or provide more information such as the video on copyrighting and plagiarism were

really very helpful and I wish more teachers would adopt this strategy.


I was very happy with teaching in this unit. On a number of occasions I had to contact Kathryn and my

queries were dealt with and I was never made to feel I was being a nusiance. Also I felt any comments

made were relevant and constructive allowing me to think back over my processes.


Always helpful and information provided is easy to understand. Very approachable and clearly interested

in the subject and definitely makes it interesting for students. I do not believe I’ve ever gone out and

found so much information on so many things simply because my interest has been piqued in a lecture.

Kathryn Greenhill was an incredibly engaging teacher. The feedback she provided was fantastic and she

was always available for assistance. The guidance and support available regarding assessments was

amazing! Everything was so clear and perfectly presented. Kathryn Greenhill made Technologies for

Information Services a really enjoyable subject to complete.


INFO5025 2017 SP1


Kathryn, your obvious enthusiasm for this subject and for your students’ development of knowledge are

refreshing and infectious. Your notes are well-written and clear, and easy to follow. I liked the ‘start here’

introductions. You use Collaborate really well, and I found your use of online technologies a vast

improvement on the recordings of lectures used in some other units, which rarely add to lecture notes (if

well-written), and add little value for the hour they take to listen to. Your also use the discussion board

better than some, encouraging learning without being repetitive.


Her enthusiasm for the subject increases my own enthusiasm for learning the material. I like how clear

the outcomes and expectations are for each module.


It was only due to the depth that each module and each assessment had been dealt with by Kathryn that I

was able to complete the unit as well as I did. I found that Kathryn’s experience, professionalism and

humour helped, particularly as I started the unit as a complete novice to information technology. The lack

of good marks was not due to the way the unit was run but due more to the fact that I was studying a full

compliment and also working full-time (which Kathryn did warn me about in the beginning!). Thank you



The unit content, feedback delivery and assessments seemed organised and well thought out. There was

also a clear effort to understand the concerns students may have.


Enthusiasm in teaching is difficult to convey in person let alone for an online unit but Kathryn is certainly

enthusiastic, even in the face of less than enthused students or those whose interest is diluted by a

screen. Breadth and diversity of readings assigned are good Instructions and course structure is clear

and repetition of instructions is a tedious (probably more so for her) but necessary


I have never had a lecturer as clear and genuine as Kathryn. She wants us to do well and she gives all the

tools required.


Kathryn’s topic notes were easy to understand, and at times there was humour throughout them which

made reading them enjoyable. Kathryn’s videos were easy to follow and I felt included all relevant

information to the topic at hand. The assignment instructions could seem long at times, but all of the

information was helpful to complete the assessment appropriately. Kathryn’s tip of re reading the unit

outlinin week 3 proved to be a good one!


I found Kathryn’s teaching style to be very engaging. I felt like I knew exactly what was required of me at

all times and everything was very clear.


Organised, knowledgeable, provides a wealth of information and definitely passionate and enthusiastic.

Kathryn is very enthusiastic, energetic, instructive and has a very positive focus


Kathryn was exceptionally helpful in the discussion boards whenever a question was asked she was

prompt and helpful. I found the structure of the course extremely well thought out and easy to follow as

a student, the way the tasks were released slowly allowed me to focus on what was being taught now

rather than stress about the future.


Overall I really enjoyed this unit. It was my first time studying in many years and my first time studying

online. Kathryn did a great job of making me feel comfortable and confident right from the start. I

actually really enjoyed the collaborative sessions even though I was not able to participate because of the

time difference. I found watching the sessions afterwards really helped me feel more connected to my

fellow students. It’s always comforting to know that others have similar issues!


I don’t think there is a way to improve it, the unit was great.


As stated in the other survey, I not sure how this could have been improved – this is probably the best

unit I have taken so far in my education journey in that I never felt overly confused by anything Kathryn

said and felt confident completing the assessments.


This really was a perfect unit for me- wouldn’t change anything.


I’m not sure that it could be improved. The assignments were well spaced out and engaging, the topics

for each module were interesting and encouraged further investigation, and the support was amazing.

Thank you.


I think it’s great just the way it is.