My aim is not to stuff students’ heads with facts.

I want to help them to ask better questions about a topic.

By the end of a unit with me, I hope that students feel like there is way more to know about the topic than they thought there was when they started. I want them to have a far better idea of:

  • the main terms used in the topic
  • the main ideas and concepts for the topic
  • where to find out more information
  • who to ask about more information
  • the types of questions to ask about the topic
  • why the topic is interesting and important
  • how the topic relates to similar topics
  • their own strengths and how to nurture them
  • their own challenges and how to use them as strengths
  • their own relationship to the topic and how it fits into their knowledge landscape.

Here is an introductory movie I provide to students in the first week of a unit with me:

Kathryn Greenhill introduction